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You can add our dedicated PayPal Id on almost all over the sites to get paid by PayPal.

Transfer your earnings to Sri Lanka

Once you get your salary or earnings, we will transfer your PayPal balance to local srilankan bank account.

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Receive your salary, commissions and sales through PayPal for free*

MBSLanka's PayPal to local bank allow you to receive PayPal payments to Sri Lankan bank account,In Sri Lanka you can pay for your purchases by PayPal using your credit/debit card. but PayPal had barred Sri Lankans from receiving payments due to unavailability of data about Sri Lankan markets. PayPal not fully available in sri lanka by their choice So, We introduced affiliated PayPal services to Sri Lankan online market.

Receive PayPal Payments to Sri Lanka as a Freelancers for Free

Hunderds solo professionals in Sri Lanka use MBSLanka's features as they work with global business clients.

Freelancers across the world work with just one goal in mind – ‘to get paid’. In order to successfully do so, they have to pick the right option.

PayPal: The biggest advantage of PayPal is its popularity as well as the fact that customers are much less likely to hesitate when using it. You can receive PayPal payments from More than 98% Freelancer sites all around the world.

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Receive PayPal Payments to Sri Lanka as a eCommerce Seller

You can sell on ebay, shopify, etsy, instagram, facebooks, etc...

Sell online and receive payments with PayPal. you can sell by payment link, or button on your website or invoice. We'll handle all backend payment works.

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Receive PayPal Payments to Sri Lanka as a Affiliate Marketers

Receive Affiliate Payments For Free

You can receive your sales commissions, affiliate payments, bonuses and almost everything through PayPal for free.

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Receive PayPal Payments to Sri Lanka as a Content creators

Youtube, Instagram

You can receive youtube, instagram ad payments instantly with PayPal.

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Receive PayPal Payments From Private Clients

subject to prior approvel*.

You can receive project fees and salaries from your private clients, even they don't have PayPal account. This fecility is subject to prior approval*

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